With our hands-on approach, Tally Solutions determines and implements site-specific and client-specific electronic systems that are designed for maximum safety and security, whether you are a private individual or a large corporation.

With the integration of various technologies, we provide you with a platform to monitor, maintain, report or act on activities in a real-time environment.

We have been operating in the industry since 1995 and are aligned with strategic role-players. mainstream suppliers and manufacturers that supply SABS and ISO9002 approved equipment to offer our clients competitive pricing and the benefit of choice.

We have long-standing relationships with Government, Corporate Organisations and various other sectors throughout South Africa and surrounding countries.  

Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to include international projects.  This has not only broadened our footprint and experience, but also puts us in a position to offer an international service to local and international clients who require the expertise and experience for such projects.
Our clients need to focus on their core business and daily activities without overwhelming and unnecessary distractions.  Our qualified and knowledgeable team aims to implement and support efficient and manageable systems to help minimise the additional resources required to incorporate the safety and security measures required of today’s reality.